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Modern technology to correct eyesight

Again, look better and read

Hornhaut- und Vorderabschitt DiagnostikApproximately half of all Germans can not see clearly without corrective lenses. Reasons, in addition to short , wide and presbyopia and corneal diseases , glaucoma , age-related macular degeneration and the misalignment of the eyes. Often auxiliaries, such as contact lenses or glasses to compensate for these refractive error. Sometimes – as with cataracts – helps only one operation permanently. Whatever the cause, however, all have defective vision one wish in common: To perceive the world again without corrective lenses! For this, you are ready at the Eye Clinic at Marienplatz our reliable know- how and modern technical equipment.

Modern technology for the correction of refractive errors

For over a decade, our team of doctors lead by treatments of various refractive errors . We specialize in innovative surgical therapies. Especially in the field of laser technology for the correction of myopia and hyperopia using new Femto -LASIK, LASEK, LASIK and Epi -LASIK takes the eye clinic at Marienplatz is a pioneer in Germany.
We are one of the leading international training centers for Lasik and refractive surgery for ophthalmologists and their teams from all over the world. Therefore, the eye clinic is part of Marienplatz Munich at the few Ambassadorzentren WaveLight and is one of the two German centers. The success of treatment, patients who have, for example, for a LASIK or implantable contact lens Decided already see a day after the operation.

Look better with age

For correction of presbyopia we use in the eye clinic at Marienplatz lens implants that are specially tailored to the needs of the older eye. Innovative techniques assume the diagnosis of Cataracts, Glaucoma and Age-related Macular Degeneration their finality. If these diseases at an early stage in a screening recommended by us , there are high chances of a successful delay of disease progression and in the best case, even a restoration of the usual vision.

Personal advice

Not all performed at the eye clinic at Marienplatz methods are suitable for each patient to the same extent. Therefore, there is always the beginning of a treatment, a detailed discussion on the conditions, prospects and risks of the proposed intervention. Together with you, we find the best solution for a future sharp vision of your eyes.

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