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Gastric Centre

Welcome to Gastric Center “Viscera” – the center of abdominal surgery in Munich !

gastric center

Gastric center Munich

Our potsienty receive information about the causes, symptoms and possible operational methods of treatment of various diseases related to the competence of our center in the field of abdominal surgery .

MD Sir Richard Merkle is the leader of the center Viscera , abdominal surgery center and leads a team of doctors Viscera .

Your Gastric Centre Viscera – Abdominal Surgery is located in Munich and conducts operations in the following areas :

Treatment of inguinal hernia

Treatment for obesity

    • What is obesity ?
    • body mass index ( BMI )

Operational and non-operational

  • ways to treat
  • Gastric balloon, gastric bypass , gastric banding , gastroplasty hose
  • Diet Tips


treatment of gastrointestinal diseases

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