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Munich eye clinic – the first-class treatment center

The Eye Clinic Munich

Eye Clinic in Munich

More and more people are willing to conduct лечения lazerom eye. And more and more patients trust офтальмологам Eye Clinic Munich. This trust and good results finally led to an appreciation in the list of the best doctors in Germany conducted by the German magazine FOCUS: from 2010 to the present 2014. At the same time we are also a little proud that independent external experts thus pay tribute to our quality of patient care.

Doctors of our clinic always conduct a thorough examination, consultation and treatment of eye diseases in Munich.
And the fact that it is far from universal, photographed in the transfer PLUMINUS First German Television ARD program from May 15, 2013.

Chief Physician Hospital MD Mr. Noehan
Chief Physician Hospital MD Mr. Noehan

Back in 1989, Dr. Medical Sciences Mr. Noehan with his sibling professor Noehanom held one of the first laser eye treatment in Munich and операции eyes using laser. Since 2003, Department of refraction and the Munich branch LASIK Eye Hospital is one of two German centers of development and implementation of methods of treatment of eye diseases using laser devices of Alcon WaveLight, manufacturers of equipment for laser eye treatment. This fact ensures that all the latest technologies such as Femto LASIK and wavefront measurements (Wellenfront Messungen), used to diagnose and laser eye treatment, are always at the latest level.

One of the many features of the Eye Clinic of Munich is that it is independent from other centers laser eye treatment in Germany. Unlike many other European clinics that in their names use words such as”… lasik”,”… express””… vision», «… med» or similar words, mostly are purely commercially oriented and only offer laser eye surgery. over the years, at an eye clinic in Munich for all eye doctors by Dr. Noehan, each patient, with his most important sensory organ – the eye is central and can count on a high level of competence and German quality.

laser probe

New 810μm laser probe over the ciliary body

But who can really objectively judge the competence of a doctor and as a laser eye treatment, laser eye surgery, LASIK (Lasik), LASEK (Lasek) and EPI-LASIK* or имплантации lenses?
* Epi-LASIK (German Epi-lasik) is a method of refractive surgery intended to reduce a person’s dependency on glasses and contact lenses.

The best are those most competent specialists and ophthalmologists, who in the country and abroad are well-known experts in the same field. On the evidence of this competence of our doctors, they have received honors and awards can be found here. Worldwide network Global Ambassador laser eye treatment to which the Munich eye clinic, in addition to expertise and also provides the correct use of the latest technologies, half of which is developed directly clinic team. Of all German clinics only clinic of Dr. Mouse in Cologne and eye clinic in Munich, under the leadership of Dr. Noehan were included in the network of international quality.

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