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Cardiology Center

ECG with a slow progression of R-p

ECG with a slow progression of R-p

Cardiology Center is the practice of Cardiology plus …

  • … communication with the hospital and with the possibility of monitoring, plus cardiac diagnosis and therapy (cardiac catheterization, cardioversion, punctures, 3-d MRI heart tee)
  • … cardiac catheterization laboratory that meets the latest standards (including electrophysiology, EX, ICD implantation)
  • … treatment in conditions of hospitalization in a hospital of the Red Cross
  • … competent visualization of the heart with the heart CT and MRI together with the Centre for Radiology
  • … isppl′zovanie minimally invasive way to solve the health problems of patients

We offer a complete, normal and minimally invasive cardiac Diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the heart in Germany.

Outpatient treatment of cardiological diseases:

• Private patients (a diagnostic cardiac catheterization)

• International patients

• Insured patients at our partners


Inpatient treatment of cardiac diseases (including cardiac catheterization):

• all patients have private insurance funds

• Hospital patients Red Cross

• private patients


Cardiac imaging (Cardiac CT, Cardiac MRI)

• private patients

• International patients

• Insured patients from our partners. The health insurance companies reimburse full value only in exceptional cases, when the application for reimbursement.

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